Southwind Construction nets IWW dredging contract

Southwind Construction of Evansville, Indiana, has won a $5.9 million USACE contract for maintenance dredging of the IWW federal navigation channel in the vicinity of Matanzas inlet in St. Johns and Flagler Counties, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Southwind Construction

Dredging is anticipated to start in November and continue until February of 2024.

The project calls for the dredging of approximately 375,000 cubic yards of shoaling from Cuts SJ-59 through SJ-61 and adjacent settling basins in St. Johns Co. The work will also take place at Cut F-2 in Flagler Co. to a required depth of 12 feet plus 2 feet of allowable over-depth.

All dredged material will be transported for placement on Summer Haven Beach, south of Matanzas Inlet between FDEP R-Monuments R-203 and R-206.

Dredging and placement operations will be continuous, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the project is complete.