Curtin unveils latest addition to the fleet – DB Two Harbors

Curtin Maritime, Corp. has unveiled the latest addition to its dredging fleet, DB Two Harbors.

Photo courtesy of Curtin Maritime

In support of Curtin’s mission to set the gold standard in mechanical dredging worldwide, this foreign-flagged grab dredge is packed with cutting-edge features that will surely offer unparalleled versatility and performance.

DB Two Harbors is equipped with three large grab buckets, each tailored for specific dredging tasks. Ranging anywhere in size from 33 to 60 cubic yards, these buckets are designed to efficiently handle a wide variety of sediment types.

Curtin’s commitment to environmental stewardship shines through in DB Two Harbors. Its fully sealed bucket design reduces turbidity and prevents contaminants from entering the water column, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems.

The vessel features a four-point anchor system and three spuds, including a cutting-edge walking spud with ±15° tilt. DB Two Harbors guarantees seamless forward and reverse dredge movements without losing contact with the bottom.

With level-cut and automatic depth control functions, this dredger delivers unparalleled precision in dredging operations. Its crane, equipped with disc brakes and a powerful chisel, can tackle even the toughest rock and concrete.

For Curtin safety is paramount, and DB Two Harbors doesn’t compromise. It offers a dredge positioning display at all operator consoles and utilizes telemetry to provide invaluable support from tugboats during operations.