Italian officials on board hopper dredger ‘Nile River’

DEME Group recently welcomed the Italian Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Edoardo Rixi, the President of Ravenna Port Authority, Daniele Rossi, and Eugenio Rainone and Umberto Esposito, representing the partners RCM Costruzioni srl, on board of the hopper dredger ‘Nile River’.

Photo courtesy of DEME

During the visit, President of the Port Authority, Mr Rossi highlighted that about 10 million m3 will be dredged over the next three years and that DEME’s versatile hopper dredgers are the key to the success to perform such a large scope in such a short time.

DEME Group, together with its Italian joint venture partner RCM Costruzioni, is performing a multi-year design & build contract for the entire restructuring of the Port of Ravenna on behalf of the Port Authority.

The company will dredge to depths of -15,5m which will allow the port to handle much larger vessels of 75,000 dwt and containerships of up to 8,000 TEU.

The team will also construct a 1,000m quay for the Peninsula Trattaroli, which serves a new port area.