Port Mandurah dredging program begins next week

The dredging at Port Mandurah (WA) and the Mandurah Ocean Marina will begin on October 30, 2023, with completion expected in six weeks.

Photo courtesy of the City of Mandurah

You might spot some machinery & vessels this week as they get ready. Keep an eye out for temporary navigational markers & be aware when you’re on the water,” the City of Mandurah said in the release.

Dredging is an essential process aimed at maintaining navigable waterways. It involves the removal and relocation of built-up sediment from channels to ensure that water routes remain safe and accessible for residential, commercial and recreational users.

A cutter suction dredge will moves across the bottom of the channel, sucking up sediment and pumping it through a pipeline to the disposal site. The program is expected to remove approximately 10-15,000 cubic meters of sand and sediment.