BREAKING NEWS: Van Oord secures three new contracts in Romania

Van Oord has been awarded three new contracts to reinforce the Romanian coast, with a combined value of approximately EUR 200 million.

Van Oord photo

This time the Administratia Bazinala de Apa Dobrogea-Litoral (ABA-DL) awarded Van Oord to design and construct 6.7 km of resilient coastline for the Romanian seaside resorts of Costinesti, Mangalia-Saturn and 2 Mai.

As part of the work scope, the value of marine habitats will be increased through artificial reefs and bio-structures.

The projects are an addition to similar projects Van Oord is executing in the region, like in Eforie. With this new award the total length of the Romanian coastline reinforced by Van Oord exceeds more than 26 km.

To protect these popular coastal areas from further erosion by the waves of the Black Sea, Van Oord will design and construct new groynes and beaches.

Several of the current breakwaters will be removed, and redeveloped to make way for more nature-friendly alternatives.

The construction of the groynes is envisaged to start in 2024, after a design phase of about 12 months. Van Oord will deploy a trailing suction hopper dredger to restore the beaches.

The project is expected to be completed in 2026.