Perdido Key sediment placement project starting soon

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is about to begin maintenance dredging of the Lower Pensacola Federal Navigation channel in Pensacola, Florida.

Photo courtesy of NPS

In preparation for mobilization, heavy equipment, and materials can already be seen on and near Perdido Key. A cutter dredge and hydraulic pipeline will be used to excavate the channel to a maximum depth of 39 feet.

Through an interagency partnership between USACE and the National Park Service (NPS), approximately 1.7 million cubic yards of the dredged sediment will be placed on land and nearshore on Perdido Key from the eastern end of Johnson Beach Road to the eastern tip of Perdido Key Island.

According to NPS, sediment placement on Perdido Key is expected to offset shoreline erosion, restore sediment to the natural sediment transport system, and create additional wildlife habitat.

In order to avoid impacts during the shorebird nesting season, which begins February 15, crews need to finish all works and demobilize by Feb. 14, 2024.