Michels Construction making great progress in Wells, ME

Michels Construction has been busy lately performing dredging of the Wells harbor under the Federal Navigation Project.

Photo courtesy of the Town of Wells

So far, the contractor has removed over 60,000 cubic yards of sand from the harbor and built up over 1,100 feet of beach.

The overall goal for the Federal Navigation Project, is to remove 107,000 cubic yards of sand and rebuild 2,400 feet of beach.

Also, the Town of Wells (Maine) is in discussion with Michels about dredging the town’s portion of the harbor at the completion of the Federal contract.

This would result in removing an additional 23,000 cubic yards of sand in the inner harbor, also to be placed on Drake’s Island Beach.

Equipment currently working in the harbor consists of Dredge Cadiz – an Ellicott 360 HP cutterhead suction dredge with a 12-inch discharge pipe, and Dredge Valor – an Ellicott 760 HP cutter head suction dredge with a 16-inch discharge pipe.