TSHD Sospan Dau dredging in Sovereign Harbour

The trailing suction hopper dredger Sospan Dau has kicked off its next campaign, maintenance dredging of Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne, UK.

Photo courtesy of Lionel Hartley/Premier Marinas

According to Premier Marinas, maintenance dredging operations in the outer harbour commenced earlier this week.

To facilitate safe and efficient navigation of the dredger to and from the dispersal site all fishing vessels are instructed to keep the dredger’s sailing route free of gear and obstructions,” Premier Marinas said in the Notice.

The amount of dredging required each year is dependent on the weather experienced the previous winter, which affects how much sediment is driven into the harbour’s entrance channel.

Usually, it takes up to two weeks to complete the works and remove anywhere from 15,000 – 30,000m3 of dredged material.