Cape Town: Kuils River dredging starts

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Directorate began maintenance work in the Kuils River and Khayelitsha last week to help prevent flooding ahead of winter rain.

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The Kuils River rises east of Kanonkop in Durbanville and is a major tributary to the Eerste River.

It is approximately 30km long and runs through many areas such as Kuils River, Mfuleni, Khayelitsha and Sandvlei, where it converges with Eerste River.

The Eerste River then flows through Kramat and Macassar into the Indian Ocean in Macassar.

The maintenance work taking place at the Khayelitsha Wetland, particularly along the 1,2km section from the N2 to Spine Road in the Kuils River, is targeted at addressing the recurring issue of flooding that has impacted the surrounding communities of Qandu Qandu Informal Settlement, BM Section and the Greenpoint.

The current phase of work involves dredging the river to remove silt and deepen its bed, as well as constructing sand berms along its banks.