Jenkins Marine vessels working hard on the River Severn, Wales

Jenkins Marine Multicat ‘Wind Lass’ and self-propelled spud leg pontoon ‘Doreen Dorward’, accompanied by deck pontoon barge ‘JML5014’, have been doing some hard work this spring on the River Severn in Wales.

Photo courtesy of Jenkins Marine

There, the vessels are assisting in the installation of a new waste water outfall, which is being managed by marine civil engineering contractor, Kaymac.

The 50t long reach excavator equipped with 3D GPS Prolec system is being used to accurately dredge the trench ready for the new pipeline, and drive temporary marker piles.

Jenkins 50m x 14m pontoon deck barge JML5014, has been fitted out for the project with deck protection for a large 150t crawler crane, welfare containers and four point mooring system.

JML5014 is being moved around the project site by the powerful 37tBP workboat ‘Wind Lass’, which is also anchor handling, and being used to transfer people, goods and materials, and even the pipe, to/from the project site from the shore base.

According to Jenkins, the crews are on track for successful completion of the project this summer and are thrilled to be working with Kaymac Marine again on such a challenging project.