Wetland restoration moves forward at Middle Harbor

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife has initiated a project to restore wetland vegetation across 300 acres of Middle Harbor in East Harbor State Park.

photo courtesy of USACE

The project began in April with a completion date later this year, said ODNR.

The Middle Harbor wetland restoration project includes dredging a channel from the center of the harbor to the outlet on the north side of the area to allow management of water levels.

The dredged silt will fill a 5-acre area within the harbor and be contained by a silt curtain enclosure.

Shallow water and emergent wetland plants such as arrowhead, bulrush and cattail will cover the dredged silt. The remainder of Middle Harbor will feature a shallow wetland seeded with millet, providing valuable wildlife habitat,” said ODNR.

Much of the funding for the Middle Harbor wetland restoration project came from North American Wetlands Conservation Act grants.