USACE moves forward with critical emergency repairs for Fire Island

The USACE New York District has received funding for planning and design for emergency sand placement on Long Island’s Fire Island (50 miles east of New York City) following a series of powerful winter storms that severely eroded Army Corps’ coastal projects and protective dunes. 

photo courtesy of USACE

Commenting the latest news, New York District Commander, Col. Alexander Young, said: “We’re pleased to move forward with these critical emergency repairs for Fire Island communities at risk for flooding and storm damage. All processes are being expedited to restore coastal areas as soon as possible.”

Last month, New York’s Leadership traveled to Fire Island and met with residents from several shoreline communities, providing updates on planned sand replenishment and a question-and-answer session.

Afterwards, they toured areas of the coastline that have been severely eroded, leaving nearby homes and structures vulnerable.

Sand placement is anticipated this fall, said USACE.

The work will cover approximately 44,000 linear feet ─ nearly 9 miles ─ and includes five communities: Seaview, Ocean Bay Park, Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pines and Davis Park.

An estimated 1.7 million cubic yards of sand will be needed to complete the project.

Sand is set to be sourced from an approved off-shore borrow area a mile offshore (Atlantic Ocean) where New York already has a dredging permit in place.