Van Oord: Afsluitdijk program in full swing

Van Oord has just released the latest update on its massive Afsluitdijk project.

photo courtesy of Van Oord

In various locations, sections of the seabed are being excavated and transported by Van Oord’s vessels to be reused elsewhere along the Afsluitdijk.

Additionally, we are installing fascine mattresses at various points to protect the seabed. This is being done near the new discharge sluices at Den Oever, as well as at the Fish Migration River, where migratory fish swim from the Wadden Sea into the IJsselmeer,” said Van Oord.

The fascine mattresses, made of geotextile topped with braided willow branches, protect the seabed from erosion when discharging large volumes of water.

Also, the placement of these mattresses involves precise positioning of quarry stone.

The Levvel consortium (BAM, Van Oord, Rebel, and Invesis) is working with various expertises on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat to strengthen the Afsluitdijk and construct one of the largest pumping stations in Europe.