ROHR-IDRECO hands over two Falcon dredges to Atlas Energy

ROHR-IDRECO has delivered two Falcon dredges to Texas based Atlas Energy Solutions.

photo courtesy of Atlas

Our electric dredge mining assets emit zero carbon emissions and helps reduce noise pollution, making it more environmentally sustainable than other methods,” Atlas said.

The dredges are electrically driven, including the pump, cutter head and winches, with an add-on diesel generator power unit installed onboard for when there is no access possible to the electrical grid.

Traditionally, cutter suction dredges used by the contractors were diesel driven. In the last few years however, we see more and more interest from contractors also looking into zero-emission electric dredge systems,” Fulco Vrooland Löb, group CEO at ROHR-IDRECO, said.

The dredges are designed to be fully dismountable for ease of transportation worldwide.