Hall kicks off Niutao island works

Hall Contracting Pty Ltd is making waves in the Pacific.

photo courtesy of Hall

The company mobilized its equipment to the island of Niutao in Tuvalu recently to construct new boat harbour facilities, including a sea access channel, approach jetty, wharf, boat ramp and passenger terminal.

Being delivered on behalf of the Government of Tuvalu with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Australian Government, the new facilities are set to enable the safe, sustainable, and efficient transport of people and goods to and from Niutao.

The need for this important infrastructure was highlighted when the crew had to land our barge ‘Orion’ on the edge of the atoll in the surf zone to transport equipment and materials ashore at low tide,” said Hall.

Niutao is a reef island in the northern part of Tuvalu. It is one of the nine districts (islands) of Tuvalu.

Also, it is also one of the three districts that consist of only one island – not counting the three islets inside the closed lagoon.