St. Marys River dredging in full swing

The USACE Detroit District said that the St. Marys River dredging program is in full swing.

photo courtesy of USACE

So far, the contractor Roen Salvage has removed approximately 51% of the projected 140,000 cubic yards for the contract, which includes three of the channel bends surrounding Neebish Island.

Estimated completion date of this very important dredging project is August 18.

photo courtesy of USACE

The St. Marys River flows out of the southeast corner of Lake Superior in a southeasterly direction to Lake Huron, a total distance of 61, 63, or 75 miles depending on the route traversed.

The river consists of an upper reach and a lower reach. The upper reach begins in the lower end of Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior, about Pte. Aux Chenes, and extends approximately 15 miles to the St. Marys Rapids. 

The lower river runs from the foot of the St. Marys Rapids to Point Detour on Lake Huron, a distance of about 45 miles.