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Kopeopeo Dredging Update

Results are back from validation testing on the first dredged section of the Kopeopeo Canal and they are showing ...

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Kopeopeo Dredging Kicks Off

The sediment dredging operations – part of the Kopeopeo Canal Remediation Project – started earlier ...

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Opureora Dredging Update

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has just released the latest video update on their Opureora Channel Dredging ...

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New Rules for Coastal Consents

New rules to care for the Bay of Plenty’s coastal environment are now in place, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council ...

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Bay's Coastal Plans on Display

Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s Draft Inner Harbor and Coastal Erosion Management Policy 2017 is out ...

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Spotlight on Bay of Plenty Plan

Developing ecological sites, sediment monitoring and working to achieve community-set water quality targets are ...

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Changes in Bay of Plenty Coastal Plan

Changes have been made to the Proposed Bay of Plenty Regional Coastal Environment Plan in response to public ...

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Tauranga Harbor Plan Approved

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is planning to invest $6.5 million this year in the land, water, wildlife and ...

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