Tauranga Harbor Plan Approved

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is planning to invest $6.5 million this year in the land, water, wildlife and boating safety in the Te Awanui Tauranga Harbor area.

At a Regional Direction and Delivery Committee meeting held last Thursday, Councillors approved an operational plan that outlines what work Regional Council will lead in and around Te Awanui Tauranga Harbor over the next 12 months.

This year’s plan builds on progress we’ve made in recent years to address community concerns about pollution, sedimentation and sea lettuce build up in the harbor,” said Regional Councillor and Regional Direction and Delivery Committee Chair Paula Thompson.

Regional Council Environmental Delivery General Manager Warwick Murray said: “We’ve added more sediment science work to our ongoing checks of environmental health indicators like water clarity and cleanliness, shellfish and sediment contaminant levels. That information will help identify any hotspots where extra effort is needed to identify and tackle pollution sources.”

Other work being delivered through the Tauranga Harbor plan includes:

  • Maintaining a 24/7 pollution and oil spill response capability;
  • Providing all-tide access to Matakana Island through dredging of the Opureora Channel (subject to resource consent approval);
  • Underwater surveillance and advocacy to prevent the spread of marine pests;
  • Projects led by the Western Bay of Plenty District and Tauranga City Councils to provide for recreation, maintain safe town water supply, and minimize the effects of storm water, wastewater, rubbish dumping, coastal erosion, industrial activities and land use on local communities and their environment.