Bay of Plenty Council Regenerates Local Waterways

High priority works to improve stream health and repair erosion damage were completed recently on several streams in the Rotorua area, reported the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

The Council has been stabilizing stream banks with rock armoring after a severe weather event caused significant erosion along its banks last April.

According to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Area Engineer Kerry Smith, repairs at five separate erosion sites on the Ngongotahā Stream have been completed.

Mr Smith added that his team has also finished repairs on the Utuhina and Puarenga streambanks with the placement of 700 tonnes of rock armoring.

Around 600 tonnes of rock armoring was used to regenerate the Ngongotahā Stream too,” said Mr Smith.

Rock armoring will strengthen and stabilize the local stream banks which can be fragile due to the light pumice and soft soils that are present naturally. Grass and native plants will be added once the rock armoring sites have settled, reported the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.