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VIDEO: Celebrating 150th Jubilee

Van Oord’s 150th anniversary event took place last weekend, Saturday April 14th, on the quay of the Biesboschhaven ...

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Van Oord Celebrates 150th Jubilee

With a two-day event on the quay of the Biesboschhaven Zuid harbour in Werkendam, Van Oord will launch its first ...

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Van Oord Launches Werkendam

The Werkendam, Van Oord’s new crane vessel, has been successfully launched in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam, the ...

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Van Oord Opts for MAN Rollo

Engine supplier MAN Rollo has just announced that they will provide the crane vessel Werkendam with three LNG ...

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LNG Crane Vessel for Van Oord

Van Oord, a Rotterdam based company specializing in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects, has ordered ...

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Noordwaard Scheme Completed

Dutch national public works Rijkswaterstaat can again delete a Room for the River project from its to-do list. On ...

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Rijkswaterstaat Takes Down Noordwaard Levee

Instead of raising the river levee, the Dutch national public works Rijkswaterstaat started to lower the levee ...

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