Van Oord Lets Young People Predict the Future

As part of its 150th anniversary celebrations, Van Oord recently organized an activity aimed at Generation Z.

Image source: Van Oord

During a two-day event aboard former cruise ship the SS Rotterdam, some 150 young people in the age group 15 – 23 shared their vision on the future world.

What does the world look like in 2038 and which themes are important to Van Oord? The future generation of employees attended a lecture and discussed eight predictions. The results were captured in a vlog. After the brainstorm session the youngsters celebrated Van Oord’s anniversary,” said the company in its latest release.

Commenting the latest news, Pieter van Oord, CEO Van Oord, said: “We want to involve the coming generation in our company’s future. It will be their turn in twenty years’ time, and that’s why we value their ideas today.”

Besides the event aboard the SS Rotterdam, Van Oord celebrated its 150th anniversary by christening two new vessels: crane vessel Werkendam and subsea rock installation vessel Bravenes.

The Van Oord Innovation Challenge, a contest  for start-up and scale-up firms, will reach its climax in this month. The winner will be announced on 23 November during an international symposium.

The final event of the anniversary year will be the christening of the Vox Amalia, Van Oord’s new trailing suction hopper dredger, on 14 December.