World’s largest Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger arrives at Port Klang (Malaysia)

Ham 318 Port Klang

The Port Klang Authority has awarded a tender to local dredging company Integrated Marine Works Sdn. Bhd. to carry out capital dredging works at the Pintu Gedung or the South Channel. The tender was awarded to IMW Sdn. Bhd. and entails a work specification of deepening the south entrance to Port Klang from the current depth of 15.5 meters to a new declared depth of 16.5 meters. The width of the channel is also being widened from the current width of 365 meters to 500 meters. This will enable the largest superpost panamax container vessels of drafts exceeding 15 meters to pass one another safely whilst transiting the 8 km channel.

The project involves a dredged volume of approximately 6,200,000 m3 and IMW Sdn. Bhd. have assured that the project will be completed before the end of this year. To ensure deadlines are met, they have engaged the services of “TSHD Ham 318� presumably the world’s largest trailing suction hopper dredger. Having a hopper capacity of 37,000 m3, the 225 meter LOA dredger has capabilities to dredge depths of up to 170 meters.

Source: Port Klang Authority