Orion Marine Group Announces Contract Award of Approximately $18 Million (USA)

Orion Marine Group, Inc.,a leading heavy civil marine contractor serving the infrastructure sector, today announced a contract award of approximately $18 million.Orion Marine Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, F. Miller Construction, LLC. was recently awarded a contract by The Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District for Phase I of the Restoration of Bayou Lafourche. As part of the contract, F. Miller Construction will restore the watershed and increase the capacity of Bayou Lafourche through mechanical dredging and construction services.

“This important project will help The Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District increase the availability of fresh water access during emergency situations, such as a hurricane, and is part of ongoing efforts for Coastal Restoration in the State of Louisiana,” said Mark Korkowski, F. Miller Construction’s Division Manager. “Additionally, this project highlights F. Miller Construction’s 100 year tradition and philosophy of building a stronger Louisiana through cooperation with our neighbors”.

Bayou Lafourche is the freshwater life line for nourishment and replenishment of a large wetland area and an important component to the coastal restoration program for the Louisiana coast line. Additionally, Bayou Lafourche provides drinking water for over 300,000 residents throughout three Louisiana parishes.

“We are proud to be a part of this important project in south Louisiana,” said Elliott Kennedy, Orion Marine Group’s Executive Vice President, Gulf Coast. “As with all of our jobs, our goal is to provide a high quality project in a safe and productive environment”.

Onsite construction of the project is expected to commence during the second quarter of 2010 and last approximately 16 months.

About Orion Marine Group

Orion Marine Group, Inc. provides a broad range of marine construction and specialty services on, over and under the water along the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic Seaboard, the West Coast, Canada, and the Caribbean Basin and acts as a single source turn-key solution for its customers’ marine contracting needs. Its heavy civil marine construction services include marine transportation facility construction, marine pipeline construction, marine environmental structures, dredging, and specialty services. Its specialty services include salvage, demolition, diving, surveying, towing and underwater inspection, excavation and repair. The Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has a 75-year legacy of successful operations.


Source: The Orion Marine Group, Inc., May 13, 2010;