The Netherlands: International ‘Environmental Sediment Dredging And Processing’ Conference To Take Place in Rotterdam

International conference and exhibition on Environmental Sediment Dredging And Processing is to be held in Rotterdam in The Netherlands in October.

The production of sediments in Europe is estimated at 1.800 million tonnes per year. Of this amount approximately 1.100 million tonnes per year are deposited in the European waterways. The rest disappears in the surrounding seas and the Atlantic Ocean. About 5-10 % of these sediments are contaminated.

Reused promotes the remediation and recycling of contaminated sediments of European waters,whom this conference is being organized for.

Conference themes

* Field surveys

* Characterization of sediments

* Contamination assessment techniques

* Environmental dredging techniques

* Port management and dredging planning

* Dredging equipment innovations

* In situ and ex situ treatment options

* Spoil transportation systems

* Sand separation systems

* Contaminated sediment processing

* Treatment technologies and equipment

* Residual disposal policies and legal aspects

* Governmental control and monitoring

* Case stories of contaminated dredging projects

* Case stories of processing projects

More Info on reused’s website.


Source: reused, June 2, 2010