Jan de Nul Launches Fernao de Magalhaes (Croatia)

On Thursday 24 June, at 18h30 the Cutter Suction dredger ‘Fernão de Magalhães’ was launched at Uljanik Brodogradiliste d.d. shipyard in Pula (Croatia).

The godmother of the ship is Ms. Marie Vyncke, daughter of Mrs. Katia De Sadeleer, niece of Jan Pieter De Nul and Dirk De Nul, directors of the company.

The ‘Fernão de Magalhães’ is the sister vessel of the ‘Zheng He’ that was launched earlier this year and the ‘Ibn Battuta’ which was delivered last month, also at the shipyard in Pula. That same day, the keel laying of the 4th and last cutter in the series of 4, the ‘Niccolò Machiavelli’ took place.

The four identical cutter suction dredgers are part of the investment program 2007-2011 and have a total installed diesel power of 23,250 kW and a cutter power of 7,000 kW. Only the 27,240 kW ‘J.F.J. De Nul’ can outclass them.

Some data

Length o.a. 138.5 m

Breadth 26.0 m

Draught 5.50 m

Dredging depth 35.0 m

Suction pipe diameter 900 mm

Discharge pipe diameter 900 mm

Barge loading pipe diameter 900 mm

Submerged pump power 4,250 kW

Inboard pump power 2 x 5,000 kW

Cutter power 7,000 kW

Propulsion power 2 x 3,500 kW

Total installed diesel power 23,520 kW

Speed 13 kn

Accommodation 46

Earlier this month, the trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Charles Darwin’ was launched at the shipyard La Naval in Bilbao (Spain).


Source: Jan de Nul, June 25, 2010