Ellicott Delivers Series 1170 Dragon Dredge For Cormagdalena in Colombia

Ellicott Dredges, LLC is a leader in the design and construction of cutter suction dredges. Ellicott was founded in 1885, 125 years ago this year, and has produced worldwide more than 1,500 dredge units of all sizes. This firm has been and remains very active in the Latin American market. Ellicott dredges delivered in recent years are used in a variety of projects such as sand mining for the construction industry, land reclamation, dredging of hydroelectric reservoirs, tourism development projects and marina dredging to name just some of the applications.

In Colombia, Ellicott Dredges recently supplied a Series 1170 “Dragon” dredge to the government entity Autonomous Regional Corporation of Rio Grande de la Magdalena or “Cormagdalena” for short. In the contract signed with Cormagdalena, Ellicott was responsible for the construction, transportation, assembly at the work site and performance testing. As part of the contract, Ellicott had to submit the dredge to rigorous production tests. The Series 1170 “Dragon” passed that test by a wide margin. It is noteworthy that Ellicott’s representative in Colombia, Kastek Ltda of Bogota, participated in the successful execution of the contract throughout the process. The ease with which Ellicott completed this project and demonstrated the equipment’s performance is a result of its many years of experience with many customers who use the dredges in applications where conditions are often more severe than anticipated. The experience that Ellicott continuously gains from its clients and field service technicians that work closely with the equipment under actual conditions, allows Ellicott to constantly improve its designs and offer products of high durability and reliability.

The Magdalena River is of vital importance to Colombia. Cormagdalena was created by law for the recovery of shipping and port activities, the adequacy and soil conservation, generation and distribution of energy and the sustainable use and preservation of environment, fishing resources and other renewable natural resources. The Series 1170 “Dragon” of Cormagdalena will be used to reclaim lands around the Magdalena River and thus substantially improve the housing conditions of the inhabitants that have experienced the destructive effects of floods when the river leaves its normal course.

Ellicott Dredges, LLC has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Due to the large increase in demand for its products, two years ago Ellicott expanded its dredge production capacity by establishing another manufacturing plant in New Richmond, Wisconsin, near Minneapolis. The latter plant boasts the most up-to-date dredge manufacturing facilities in the world.