The Netherlands: Port of Rotterdam Will Invest Eur 25 million in Tank Terminal

The Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoRA) will invest approximately € 25 million in the creation of a site of almost 5 hectares to accommodate the future expansion of Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT). The land will be gained by filling in the south western corner of the Botlek dock with some 600,000 m3 of sand. There will also be a quay wall of over 400 meters constructed and in addition, some jetties and small firms are replaced. If the environmental assessment procedure (MER) develops as scheduled, the filling in can start mid 2011 and the project will be finished mid 2013.


The filling in and the construction of the quay wall are contracted out ‘design & construct’. Therefore the contractor decides where the sand comes from. However, in order to minimize environmental impact the PoRA will point at the possibility of using sand from projects elsewhere in the port. The quality of the sand and timing of availability are important factors in this respect. The additional projects are included in the total investment, but are contracted separately and according a so called RAW form. The prequalification for both contract will start soon and the allotment will take place in 2011.


BTT will realize approximately 350,000 m3 tank storage capacity on the new site. In the first phase, 200,000 m3 is being built at existing land adjacent to the water to be filled in.