Jan De Nul Once Again Lowest Bidder in Panama

Jan De Nul NV is the lowest bidder for one of the last large tenders for widening and deepening the Panama Canal. Jan De Nul is already very active in Panama and is a.o. working on the construction of the new locks on the Panama Canal, one of the most prestigious infrastructure works in the world.

In this tender, Jan De Nul was followed by Int. Underground + Dreding international (subcontract) and the JV Meco + Boskalis.

The new project, that will take approx. 2 years, will connect the Panama Canal with the new locks at the Pacific side. It includes excavating 4 million m³ rocks. Jan De Nul is expected to be awarded the project within the coming weeks.

The project is worth 54.5 million dollars.


Source: Jan De Nul