UK: ABPmer to Provide Specialist Advice to Humber Area Marine Aggregates Regional Environmental Assessment

ABPmer (ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd), a recognised provider of physical processes advice to the offshore sector, has been awarded the hydrodynamics, sediment mobility and turbid plume study elements of the Humber and Greater Wash Area Marine Aggregates Regional Environmental Assessment (REA). ABPmer will work with Environmental Resource Management Ltd (ERM) to deliver the full REA.

The objectives of the REA are to describe the environmental characteristics of the Humber and Greater Wash Area which contains a number of aggregate extraction licence areas, and to assess potential cumulative and in-combination effects from dredging operations and other sea uses.

ABPmer’s assessment will inform subsequent Environmental Impact Assessments for individual licence applications. This contract follows on from ABPmer’s successful completion of the physical processes scoping study.

Bill Cooper, ABPmer’s Managing Director, said “We are delighted to be providing our offshore physical processes expertise to this study. This is an important success for ABPmer, furthering our involvement with the offshore marine aggregates industry. This REA will facilitate an improved understanding of the marine environment and the pressures exerted on it by a range of anthropogenic activities in the Humber area.”

ABPmer is a leading UK marine environmental consultancy. It has a history of providing strategic research and local consent advice to the marine aggregate industry as well as extensive past experience within the Humber REA study area, including the REA Scoping Study, offshore wind farm sites and other coastal and offshore process studies.


Source: abpmer, September 13, 2010