UK: CEDA and IADC Partner to Organise Contract Management Event in 2011

Contracting Without Limits to be held on 23-24 June 2011 in London, UK will bring together the main players of construction projects – project owners, contractors and consultants – for an in-depth exchange of knowledge to explore the benefits of adopting the philosophy of “contractual partnering”, a co-operation between these players from the very early stages of project development and to identify obstacles to early co-operation and possible ways to deal with / remove these.

This free-spirited event aims to disseminate existing knowledge and to stimulate new, creative ideas for achieving solutions for Best for the Project (win-win). Whilst the event’s primary focus will be maritime infrastructure construction projects, experience, lessons learned in other industries will also be sought. The target audience comprises but is not limited to experts involved in maritime infrastructure projects: project principles/project owners (both experienced and less experienced), development agencies; dredging contractors; consulting engineers; construction lawyers and legal counsels; project financiers; advisors to decision makers.

The two-day event will consists of presentations by distinguished experts and interactive workshops, including:

Keynote speeches to introduce the audience to the benefits of early contractor involvement and the challenges that project owners face.

Case studies which focus on the thinking and strategy behind early co-operation and the creative ways found by the project owners indealing with regulatory and other challenges.

Workshops which build on the case studies and attempt to answer questions such as: What does the “ideal” contracting procedure look like? What are the obstacles to implementing the “ideal” procedure in current practice? What are the possible ways to close to gap between the “ideal” procedure and practice.


Source: dredging, December 13, 2010