Jan De Nul Kicks Off New Investment Programme and Extends its Fleet


In 2010, Jan De Nul Luxembourg S.A., a subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group, ordered two new 14,000 m³ trailing suction hopper dredgers. This week, an agreement was reached for the construction of a very large fallpipe and mining vessel, a sister vessel of the ‘Simon Stevin’.

In this way, the group kicks off the investment programme 2010-2013, after the successful investment programme 2007-2011 that consisted of more than 25 vessels, with a total value of about 2 billion Euro.

Two new 14,000 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers

The 14,000 m³ Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers have been ordered at Uljanik Brodogradiliste in Pula, Croatia. These vessels complement Jan De Nul’s fleet of 26 hopper dredgers. The new vessels will be especially suitable for operations in shallow and restricted waters. Carrying capacity will be around 22,500 ton at a draught of only 10 m. As with all vessels in the fleet, special attention is paid to the environmental impact. Efficient power consumption, low emissions, optimized hull design, waste treatment on board contribute to efficient and environmental-friendly dredging. These environmental measures result in the award of a ‘Clean Ship’ certificate.

The vessel has been developed in-house, based on the experience gained designing and commissioning 8 new hopper dredgers in the last 3 years. Such an experience is unmatched: the result is a technically advanced and economical vessel, all to the advantage of our clients.

With this order the cooperation between Jan De Nul Group and the shipyard Uljanik continues. The shipyard already delivered two large self-propelled cutter suction dredgers, and is constructing two more of an order of four. The new order is witness of the confidence and excellent cooperation between both parties. The 14,000 m3 hopper dredgers will be delivered mid and end of 2012.

Some data

Name JDN 8040 and JDN 8041

Hopper Capacity 14,000 m³

Deadweight 22,500 ton

Length o.a. 147.8 m

Breadth 30.0 m

Draught 10.0 m

Maximum Dredging Depth 43.8 / 52 m

Suction Pipe Diameter 1,300

Pump Power (Trailing) 4,000 kW

Pump Power (Discharging) 8,500 kW

Propulsion Power 2 X 7,200 kW

Total Installed Diesel Power 15,960 kW

Speed 15.3 kn

Accommodation 33

A new sister vessel for the ‘Simon Stevin’

The agreement for the fallpipe and mining vessel was reached with Construcciones Navales del Norte in Bilbao, Spain, also known as ‘La Naval’. The vessel is a sister vessel of the ‘Simon Stevin’, delivered by the same shipyard at the beginning of 2010. Meanwhile the ‘Simon Stevin’ has performed stone dumping operations in Australia, Sakhalin and Norway. The new vessel is almost identical, and is also provided with a fully automated system for deploying and recovering the fallpipe. This fallpipe has a diameter of 1,000 mm, and can reach down to depths of 2,000 m. As the ‘Simon Stevin’, this vessel is equipped for mining operations at large depths.

The order of this second vessel demonstrates that Jan De Nul Group is dedicated to provide stonedumping and mining services worldwide, with short mobilisation times. The availability of a second, identical vessel is an extra assurance to our clients.

This vessel will be the 9th built by La Naval for Jan De Nul Group since 2002. Next week, La Naval will deliver the 8th vessel of Jan De Nul, the 30,500 m³ trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Charles Darwin’. This long and successful cooperation is a result of the competence of the shipyard in building such complex vessels, and the confidence between La Naval and Jan De Nul Group. Delivery is foreseen around end of 2012.

Some data

Name JDN 8626

Deadweight 36,000 ton

Length o.a. 191.5 m

Breadth 40.0 m

Draught 9.25 m

Dynamic Positioning DYNAPOS AM/AT R Class 2

Propulsion Power 4 X 3,350 kW

Bowthruster Power 4 X 2,000 kW

Total Installed Diesel Power 24,350 kW

Speed 15.5 kn

Accommodation 84


Source: jandenul, February 4, 2011

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