New Dredging Projects for More than 1 Billion Euros Awarded to Jan De Nul Group


Over the last couple of months, a total of more than 1 billion euros projects have been added to the order book. These awards bring the total value of current commitments for Jan De Nul Group to 3.1 billion euros.

New work was secured in all corners of the world, from South America and the Caribbean (11 projects) over Africa (1 project) and Europe (2 projects) to Southeast Asia and Australia (7 projects).

The projects are varied in nature: from deepening existing ports to developing greenfield sites; from major clients operating in the oil & gas industry to exporters of minerals, from state-owned port corporations to new private ventures.

Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Mill Complex / Son Duong Port

Jan De Nul Group received the award from the Formosa Plastics Group of Taiwan for the dredging and reclamation works of the Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Mill Complex. The scope of work includes amongst others the reclamation of over 2,000 hectares of land. The reclamation materials will be mainly sourced from the construction of the adjoining new Son Duong Port. The new Son Duong Port will be dredged to a depth of -27m, capable of receiving vessels of 300,000 DWT.

Sierra Leone Elizabeth II Quay

Jan De Nul Group has been awarded a contract for the upgrade of the Sierra Leone Elizabeth II Quay. Due to continuous sedimentation the port lost approximately 2 m of its economic draft. The World Bank financed the upgrade of the port and the access to the two ferry terminals. The dredging will boost the Sierra Leone economy as the Freetown Port will be able to accommodate larger vessels.

Tuticorin Port Project in India

In India the Tuticorin Port Trust awarded Jan De Nul Group the capital dredging works for the expansion of India’s most southern major port. The project involves the deepening of the port’s access channel and the creation of a new harbour basin. This expansion will allow the port to capture the traffic of vessels with a draught of 12.80 m.


Jan De Nul will strengthen its position in Germany next year with the award of the maintenance dredging on the approaches to Bremerhaven on the outer Weser (2011 and 2012) and the approaches to Emden on the outer Ems (2011).

Latin America

Deepening and widening of the turning circle of the port of Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico;

Dredging services for the Pacific Entrance of the Northern Access Channel in Panama;

Deepening and widening of the access channel and turning basin of Callao port in Peru;

Dredging services for a new LNG terminal in Argentina;

Deepening and widening of the access channel of the port of Cartagena in Colombia;

Dredging services for 2 new port projects in Itaguaí (state of Rio de Janeiro), in Brazil;

Deepening and widening of the access channel and turning basin of Cotegipe terminal in the state Bahia, in Brazil;

Reclamation for the new port Porto do Açu in Brazil;

Deepening of the port and access channel of Itajaí (state of Santa Catarina), also in Brazil;

In Central America, a new contract has just been signed for a total value of 50 million euros for which 4 dredging vessels will be mobilized during a period of one year.

Channel Deepening and Widening Works in China’s Bohai Bay

In China’s Bohai Bay, Jan De Nul Group has been awarded a contract to perform various channel deepening and widening works. At the Port of Yingkou the channel is to be deepened to -22 m and widened at the same time. At the Port of Jing Tang the channel is to be deepened to -20 m.

Offshore Projects in Australia, the Bahamas, the North Sea, Papua New Guinea, India and Russia

The project in Australia includes the installation of permanent stabilisation rock berms on the Gorgon pipeline and umbilical’s for Chevron, as well as a number of pipeline crossings.

In the Bahamas Jan De Nul will execute the rehabilitation of an oil terminal for Statoil. The works have to be completed by first half of 2011. The EPC project includes removal of an existing pipeline, and fabrication and installation by bottom pull of a new 42” pipeline. This new pipeline will then be connected by a spool piece and riser to the loading platform.

In the North Sea, a project has been awarded by Technip UK for seabed dredging with the TSHD ‘Cristóbal Colón’ in more than 120 m water depth near the Shetland Islands. The seabed has to be shaped very accurately to allow a pipeline to be installed within stringent tolerances. In Papua New Guinea, Jan De Nul Group will execute trench dredging for a new pipeline in the shallow Omati River surrounded by rain forest. Jan De Nul Group will mobilize its TSHDs ‘Sebastiano Caboto’ and ‘Galilei’, both equipped with a side boom. The side boom has to dispose the dredged material to the side of the trench. BHD ‘Jerommeke’ will be required to dredge harder sections and remove obstacles.

In the North Tapti field in India, approximately 24 km of trench dredging between platforms will be executed by TSHD ‘Francis Beaufort’. The work will be executed in side currents up to 3 kn and the TSHD will be equipped with its ripper head for dredging of hard rock.

On the island of Sakhalin, a new project was awarded for the dredging of a harbour basin in 2011 and of an access channel in 2012. The work has to be executed during the ice-free season at the exposed east coast of Sakhalin, near Chayvo.


Source: jandenul, February 4, 2011