WEDA Announces Annual Awards

Annually The Western Dredging Association selects an individual or Corporation to receive at its annual Western Hemisphere Conference and Trade Show, WEDA’s Annual Safety Award. Recent Receipments have been Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company and USACE St. Louis District. Attached is the Award Criteria. Nominations from WEDA paid members (Individuals or Corporation) and WEDA Chapters are now open and should be forwarded to WEDA Executive Offices.

Nominations are also open for WEDA’s Dredger of the Year and WEDA’s Lifetime Acheivement Award. Recent Receiptments can be found on WEDA’s website. The Criteria for the Dredger aof the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award are:

a. Nominee must be a Paid WEDA Member

b. Nominee must be, in the opinion those making the nomination, an individual who has, as a WEDA Member done the most to promote the Western Dredging Association’s Goals and Objective and who have made significant contributions to the Association and the Dredging Industry during the past year for the Dredger of the Year and over the Past 25-30 years as a WEDA Member for the Lifetime Acheivement Award.

A short narrative must accompany each nomination.

Nominations will close on 1 May 2011.


Source: WEDA;

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