Environment and Sustainability Minister Launches First Public Consultation on Marine Planning in Wales (UK)

Environment and Sustainability Minister Jane Davidson has launched the consultation Sustainable Development for “Welsh Seas: Our approach to marine planning in Wales” to seek views on national plans for the inshore and offshore marine areas of Wales.

The Marine and Coastal Access Act requires the Assembly Government to plan, and issue the required licences, for activities along Wales’ coastline and offshore waters. Marine planning can cover a number of activities, including marine conservation, off-shore wind farms, dredging and marine-based tourism.

The minister was speaking at the Wales Coastal & Maritime Partnership (WCMP) conference in Cardiff. During her speech to more than 60 delegates she said:

“Wales is proud to be one of a small number of governments worldwide to have sustainable development enshrined in statute. Sustainable development has become the central organising principle of all the work of the Welsh Assembly Government.

“Marine planning is a key strand of the Marine and Coastal Access Act, a landmark piece of legislation which gives us the tools to make real progress for the seas and coasts of Wales. It is of key importance to us that marine planning helps achieve sustainable development in the marine area.

“The Act provides for a much stronger joined-up approach to managing our seas in a sustainable way – by strengthening and consolidating marine licensing, providing new conservation powers and fisheries management and enforcement powers.

“We really need your views on how we should frame our approach to marine planning – as well as the key issues that we need to take into account when we start drawing up the marine plans.”

The consultation and details of how to submit views can be found on the Assembly Government website.


Source: egovmonitor, February 17, 2011