The Netherlands: CEDA Committee Selects Abstracts for Dredging and Beyond Conference

The CEDA Dredging Days Papers Committee selected the following abstracts for the conference. The listing below also indicated the tentative setup of the technical sessions. The final programme will be designed after the completion of the peer review of the full manuscripts and the definitee acceptance of the papers.

SESSION 1: Building with nature: from legislation to practise

Marine works in the context of ecosystem processes

Mink FJ, Interel European Affairs, Belgium

Guidelines for ecodynamic design

van Koningsveld M, Van Oord, Netherlands

van Raalte GH, Boskalis, Netherlands

Handling the knowledge challenge in building with nature projects; lessons from the pilot Sand Engine Delfland

Janssen SKH, Deltares/Wageningen UR, Netherlands

Sediment and ecology: how to minimize impacts and create opportunities in tropics?

Bouma TJ, NIOO, Netherlands

Balke T and Erftemeyer PLA, Deltares, Netherlands

Dohmen-Janssen CM and Horstman EM, University Twente, Netherlands

Friess DA, Galli D, Maryam S, Todd PA, Tuaibah J and Webb EL,National University Singapore, Singapore

SESSION 2: Dredging for the offshore industry

Taking dredging precision to the extreme

Osnabrugge J and Braaksma J, IHC Systems, Netherlands

Using life cycle analysis methodology to assess the sustainability of dredging equipment and its manufacturing processes

Goncalves Castro MB, Holtkamp MJ and Vercruijsse PM, MTI Holland, Netherlands van Woerden D, IHC Beaver Dredgers, Netherlands

Installation of ADCOP offshore facilities: the ultimate combination of dredging and offshore contracting works

Hesk P, Van Oord Offshore b.v., Netherlands

BritNed UK – Netherlands interconnector HVDC cable: pre-sweeping and rock placement to ensure accurate cable protection depths

Vreys MMR, Tideway BV, Netherlands

SESSION 3: Building with nature: modeling & monitoring

Ecomorphological modeling of seabed and coastal zone

Luijendijk AP, Tonnon PK, Ye Q and van Dalfsen J, Deltares, Netherlands

Biogeomorphological interactions on a nourished intertidal area: lessons learned from building with nature

Borsje BW, Deltares /University of Twente, Netherlands Ysebaert T and de Mesel I, IMARES, Insititute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies, Netherlands Holzhauer H, Deltares, Netherlands

Monitoring impact of land reclamation on siltation in an inland lake

de Wit L and Bliek AJ, Svasek Hydraulics, Netherlands Frieling JH, Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam, Netherlands

Field tests and plume measurements in the Fehmarnbelt

Bundgaard K and Brøker I, DHI, Denmark

Jensen A, Fehmern A/S, Denmark

SESSION 4: Academic session

Application of electrical resistance tomography in sand-slurry loop

Talmon AM and Schut RA, Technical University Delft, Netherlands

Hydraulic transport of sediment

Goeree JC, IHC Merwede, The Netherlands

An investigation of the effects of screen structures in the flow through and around a silt screen

Vu TT and Tan SK, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Analysis of a sediment management concept for the Elbe Estuary by use of three-dimensional numerical model

Maerker C and Malcherek A, University of the German Armed Forces Munich, Germany

Weilbeer H, Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, Germany

Efficient maintenance of the Dutch fairways

Bots HCG and Talmon AM, TU Delft, Netherlands

Sieben A, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands

SESSION 5: Deep sea mining

An experimental and numerical study to vertical hydraulic transport for deep sea mining applications

van Wijk JM and Vercruijsse PM, MTI Holland BV, Netherlands

van Rhee C and Talmon AM, TU Delft, Netherlands

Lucieer PA, IHC Merwede DSDM, Netherlands

RoRo deep dredge system for offshore and deep sea dredging

Winkelman MO and van Duursen EA, Damen Dredging Equipment, Netherlands

Hydraulic mining of coal at great water depths

Huijsmans MGM, Witteveen+Bos Raadgevender ingenieurs bv, The Netherlands

Case study deep sea dredging and subsea rock installation, Gorgon project (Australia)

de Kok MBAM and de Ruiter K, Van Oord Offshore, Netherlands

SESSION 6: Building with nature: case studies

Dredging works in the Westerschelde to deepen the navigation channel and to create intertidal areas

Sas M, IMDC, Belgium

Jadeweserport (JWP): construction of container terminal in Germany under environmental aspects

Boot J and Langer J, Inros-Lackner AG, Germany

Dredging in Panama and New Caledonia caring for habitats from rainforest to coral reefs

van Parys M, Jan de Nul NV, Belgium

Fehmarnbelt immersed tunnel project

Iversen C, Femern Baelt AS, Denmark.


Source: cedaconferences, April 4, 2011;