USA: IMS Introduces Deep Digging Dredger

IMS introduces the deep digging Depth Master 55 (DM-55TM) as the latest addition to is versatile dredge product line. The DM-55TM is IMS’s solution to making deep maintenance dredging and environmental dredging affordable. No longer will ports need to hire large commercial dredging outfits to do expensive deep maintenance dredging. Now they can invest in their own maintenance dredging system that will allow them to maintain a maximum depth of 55 ft (16.7m) at their port.

Over the years we have received hundreds of inquiries from ports and environmental contractors wanting to dredge deeper, but they simply could not afford to get a multi-million dollar machine and have resorted to ineffective pumps on wires and water injection vessels that don’t create an even bottom profile,” says IMS Division President, Jim Horton. “The DM-55TM solves this issue. For under one million U.S. dollars our clients can now dredge down to 55 ft. (16.7m). In the past only larger high priced dredging units could achieve these depths.”

The DM-55TM system ships in two pieces on drop deck trailers greatly reducing mobilization and demobilization costs associated with larger dredges that are impractical to move over roads. It is easily installed in the field with quick connections for the hull, ladder, hydraulics, and electronics. The system has the following standard features:

Ladder: Heavy duty reinforced dredge ladder with 55 ft. (16.7m ) dredging depth.

Pump: 10″ (254mm) x 12″ (305mm) GIW ladder mounted dredge pump.

Cutterhead System: Horizontal adjustable tilt control cutter system.

Cutterbar (included): Excavator Cutter Bar for sand and sediments.

Cutterbar #2 (included): Environmental Plus Cutter Bar for environmental projects or contaminated sediments.

Power Units: 375HP (280 kW) power unit for dredge pump and 275 HP (205 kW) power unit for self-propulsion and auxiliary functions.

Propulsion: Two propulsion options come standard including: heavy duty dual marine prop drive and cable drive. Bow thruster is included for correcting position of cut in wind and currents.

D-GPS System: Dredging GPS system is included for tracking dredge position and project progress.

Other Standard Features: Navigation lights, salt-water anti-corrosion package, discharge line video monitor, nighttime lighting system, climate controlled cab, 91m of floating discharge hose, stereo, safety packages, tool kit, and Clarion Green Biodegradable hydraulic oil.

Training: Includes 10 days of initial set-up and training as well as a 5 day follow up visit 60 days after the initial start-up.

Optional equipment available:

Cutterhead water jets for excavation assistance, spare parts, discharge pipe, and pipe floats.

The DM-55TM can dredge silt, mud, and other light sedimentary materials using the dual marine prop drive system. When dredging in heavier currents and removing sand at deeper depths it is recommended to run the dredge on the included cable drive system which can run off of two or four point anchor systems. The cable drive system can be rigged in several configurations using a combination of the following anchor point types: pilings, spud anchor barges, and land based anchor plates.

The DM-55TM is currently in stock and available for inspection at IMS’s Factory in New Richmond, WI.


Source: imsdredge, May 3, 2011;