The Netherlands: Container Terminal at Medel Business Park Gets Green Light

The container terminal at the Medel Business Park in Tiel will be built. The Council of State has rejected the objections of nearby residents to the zoning plan that makes construction possible. According to the planning schedule, construction is set to start next year on the 200-metre long loading and unloading quay along the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, the first phase of the project.

The development of the terminal is a joint project by Partner Logistics and Container Terminal Utrecht. Expectations are that about 40,000 containers per year will be handled here, a number which can increase to up to 80,000 per year. The second phase of the project will entail the construction of a cold-storage warehouse complex for Bon Coldstores.


The terminal will be able to fulfil an important role in the import/export of refrigerated and fresh products such as fruit by inland waterways from and to the Rotterdam port. An entirely new cold-storage terminal must be built here, not only for fruit but for all refrigerated products.


Source: portofrotterdam, July 13, 2011