China: CCCC Forth Harbor Wins Bid for Berth Project at Quanzhou Port

On July 15, CCCC Forth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. won the project of No. 16 berth in Xiutu area of Quanzhou Port in Fujian Province, with a value of RMB 208 million and a construction period of 30 months.

The project involves auxiliary facilities such as the 20,000t ro/ro berth and ro/ro system, south and west berths for working vessels, dredging works, land formation (including revetment), road yard works, terminal water supply and drainage and power supply. 86 caissons need to be prefabricated and installed for the project, with a single maximum length of 1,554.6t.

Based in the Quanzhou Bay Economic Zone, leaning against Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, the project is a major supporting facility for entry and exit of local passengers and for cargo and vehicle export. After completion, the project will become a major carrier for passenger and cargo transportation between Quanzhou and Taiwan.


Source:CCCC , July 25, 2011