U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Activates Special General Permit Tool for Irene Related Repairs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, has activated the New York District Regional Permit 15 in an effort to help streamline the Department of Army permitting process for property owners in eastern New York who might need to carry out repairs related to Tropical Storm Irene.

The Army Corps of Engineers has federal jurisdiction over activities including dredging or construction in or over any navigable waters of the United States and such activities may require a Department of Army permit.

In an effort to simplify repair activities for property owners, the Corps has provided a public notice with information on what permits may be needed for repair activities as well as how to possibly simplify permit requirements for minor repairs. These can include applying for a permit through a Nationwide General Permit or for those in New York State possibly using the New York District Regional General Permit 15. These general permits are designed to streamline permit requests for minor construction activities and could save property owners a great deal of time.

The Permit 15, which is activated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency declaration for the state of New York, is specifically designed to assist property owners following a disaster. The public notice issued by the Corps has more details on Permit 15.


Source: usace, September 2, 2011;