UK: Coastline Surveys Wraps Up Productive Summer Season

Coastline Surveys have had a busy and productive summer season with a wide variety of successful contracts. Whilst providing personnel in the Northern North Sea for Oil & Gas geotechnical survey operations, the company’s multi-purpose survey vessel, MV FlatHolm and her team, have been busy supporting Port & Harbour Developments, FEPA dredge monitoring campaigns and offshore aggregate licence monitoring and renewal investigations.

Now managed under the auspices of the new Marine Management Organisation governmental body, survey requirements have consisted of a range of services including Vibrocoring, Grab Sampling and associated contaminated physicochemical Soil Testing and a number of high resolution multibeam bathymetry surveys using the new RESON 7101 MBES with Applanix POSMV. Sidescan Surveys have utilised the latest Edgetech 4200S digital sidescan sonar.

Contracts have concentrated predominantly on the South Coast and the North West and were completed on time to enable MV FlatHolm to return to the North Sea to commence cable route geotechnical surveys on the Humber Gateway. MV FlatHolm will soon be returning to the West Coast and Irish Sea to commence her autumn schedule.

Unusually for her Class but of great pride to Coastline, MV FlatHolm is permanently crewed and able to carry out the following works:

Bathymetric & Hydrographic Surveys – Single and Multibeam Swath Echosounders using equipment supplied by ODOM, RESON, GeoAcoustics, Applanix, Trimble

Geophysical Remote Sensing – Sidescan Sonar, Shallow Seismic Profiling, Magnetometer using a range of class leading equipment from Edgetech, CODA, Applied Acoustics and Dowty Ultra

Geotechnical Testing & Sampling – Vibrocore, CPT, Piston and Gravity Cores, Benthic Grabs etc developed and managed from our Lowestoft base with full engineering and certification support readily deployed worldwide

Environmental Surveys – Beam Trawls, Water Quality Sampling, Underwater Video, ADCP operations largely for offshore renewables, marina, port and harbour developments

Survey Vessel Charter 24m multi-purpose, COWRIE compliant survey vessel, MV FlatHolm – Class leading fully crewed true-multipurpose research and survey vessel recently updated with new 120kVa Cummins generators

Soil Logging is carried out either in situ or from our new Lowestoft Laboratory providing full physicochemical analysis.


Source: coastlinesurveys, September 20, 2011;