Russia: Ust-Luga Port Hosts Baltic Forum of Compatriots

Ust-Luga Port Hosts Baltic Forum of Compatriots

On 29 October, Saturday, Ust-Luga Port hosted a visiting session of «The Baltic Forum of Compatriots» organized with the support of the Leningrad Region Government. The principal goal of the forum was to discuss the problems related to disseminating objective information about Russia abroad.

The forum was participated by representatives of the Russian-language media from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the non-governmental and religious organizations.

The guests considered the issues of the Baltic states’ transit policies and redistribution of the cargo flows; they estimated the development prospects of the facilities of the Port and the adjacent territories; the questions of the employment and the retraining programs for the population were also observed.

Max Kaur, a deputy of the Tallin Assembly and a forum participant, shared his impression of the Port, “Indeed, Ust-Luga is an innovative and large-scale project influencing the Russian economy considerably“.


Source: ust-luga, November 1, 2011