Australia: Terminal 4 Project Step Closer to Realization

Environmental evaluation for Newcastle’s fourth coal-loader, the Terminal 4 project, has been completed.

Port Waratah Coal Services carried out the evaluation addressing possible social and environmental aspects of the project. The evaluation will be lodged with the Department of Planning and Newcastle Port Corporation today and it is expected to go on public exhibition early next year.

The project worth $5billion will contribute 120 million tons of coal-loading capacity at Newcastle.

As the Corporation chief executive officer Gary Webb stated the future dredging project will include 10 vessel berths in the south arm of the Hunter River.

‘‘… the works for which Newcastle Port Corporation is seeking development consent include river bank stabilisation, dredging of berth pockets and disposal of dredged material (primarily offshore),’’ Mr Webb said.


Dredging Today Staff, November 30, 2011;