Canada: Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP More Optimistic About Harbor Dredging

Larry Miller, the Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP, is convinced that the federal transport minster will support the Owen Sound Harbor dredging project.

There are concerns that the city’s federal harbour could soon become no longer viable, and the harbor dredging is badly needed.

Meetings with ministry staff provided no satisfaction and few answers about the delay,” the Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP said recently.

But after a Tuesday’s meeting with Denis Lebel, the minister of transport, infrastructure and communities, Miller stated there could be at least a deal on when and how to continue early next year.

I’m very confident that he’ll come back and he’ll do his best to help me with our problem,” Miller said.

The estimated costs for this project are $2 million.

The Owen Sound Harbor shipping channel has not been dredged in 25 years.


Dredging Today Staff, December 15, 2011;