Belgium: Beverdonk Container Terminal Almost Ready

This Friday, 23 December, the mobile container crane for the new Beverdonk Container Terminal on Albertkanaal, will be delivered.

Precisely a week earlier, the terminal itself was completed. It will become operational at the beginning of 2012. The terminal currently occupies 2.5 ha and has a 200-metre quay. It can cope with an annual 60,000 TEU of containers. In time, the surface area of the terminal can be extended to 10 ha. and the quay to 500 metres. The terminal capacity will then be 300,000 TEU. A total of four container cranes will then be deployed.

The DP World terminal is available to any user and for departures to any seaport, and will initially be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. In time, this will be 24/7.

They are aiming at 80% bundling of containers at the terminal and 20% local volume. The latter is linked, among other things, to logistics platforms which are being developed in phases on both sides of the terminal. Between now and 2020, the headroom of all bridges on Albertkanaal will be raised to 9.20 metres, making container shipping with four layers of containers possible.


Dredging Today Staff, December 22, 2011;