Kazakhstan: Aktau Port Witnesses Great Expansion

 Aktau Port Witnesses Great Expansion

The Aktau marine harbour is finishing the year with record indices. The port has handles almost 12 million tonnes of freights, including over 8 million tonnes of oil, over 3 thousand tonnes of grain and two million tonnes of metal products. Together with the everyday work the port is conducting the expansion of the territory to the North. The harbour is planning to increase its capacities.

Dauren Kutpanbayev, Deputy Director, Aktau International Commercial Sea Port said: “The harbour is witnessing the implementation of the technical upgrading programme. To date the Aktau harbour is the most modern and high-tech production terminal of the Caspian Sea. During the recent 6 years the port is implementing the programme of expansion to the North. The Development Bank of Kazakhstan is financing the project.”

The port has witnessed the construction of a breakwater. Next year it is planned to start bottom dredging to begin the construction of the new harbour. In general it is planned to construct three new terminals, including the grain one. The expansion of the port assisted in the creation of another 28 new jobs. Currently, it employs 720 people.

Aktau Port Witnesses Great Expansion.

Alexander Lyssenko, Division Chief, Aktau International Commercial Sea Port said: “Dockers have implemented all their liabilities. We have commissioned the work connected with ferry boat ahead of schedule. We have a multinational team and a lot of young people. Everyone is working in friendship and accord.”

After the implementation of the project of the port expansion, it will be able to handle four million tonnes dry freights per year.


Dredging Today Staff, December 23, 2011; Image: portaktau