Philippines: Plan for Cansaga River Dredging Makes Progress

Plan for Cansaga River Dredging Makes Progress

The Cansaga River will be dredged, and Consolacion’s drainage system needs improvement.

More than 200 families displaced by flooding will be relocated.

These solutions were pledged by Consolacion town and Cebu provincial government officials to prevent a repeat of the flooding that hit the town last Tuesday.

More than 200 families were affected in at least three Consolacion barangays of Pitogo (116 families), Cansaga (125 families) and Nangka (38 families).

Consolacion Mayor Teresa Alegado ordered yesterday the dredging of river’s mouth to restore the opening to five meters.

Aquilino Pitogo, barangay captain of Pitogo, one of the worst hit barangays, said the river’s original opening five-meter opening was reduced to only 1.5 meters after part of the waterway was reclaimed by some businessmen.

Pitogo said this was one of the causes of the flood, which occurred after the river overflowed after nightlong rain that lasted till Tuesday.

The Consolacion town government borrowed a backhoe and a pay loader from the Capitol to start dredging at the soonest time.

The mayor order to excavate the riverbed to allow passage for the water,” said Pitogo.

Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, who visited the area yesterday and handed out relief goods, promised to help look for a relocation site for families so they don’t live near rivers danger zone.


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