China: CCCC 2nd Harbour Co. Wins Bid for Yazhou Port

Recently, CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CCCC 2nd Harbour Co.) has won the bid for the project of the central fishing port in Yazhou, Sanya, Hainan Province, with a contract value of 427 million yuan and a construction period of 12 months.

Located at west Sanya’s Yazhou Bay and the marine outlet of the Ningyuan River, the proposed fishing port faces Beibu Gulf in the South China Sea. The project involves a 3,110-meter revetment, a 300-meter approach embankment, an 896-meter east breakwater, a 227-meter port breakwater, a 160-meter bridge approach and a 528-meter sand dyke.

The project is of great significance to protecting China’s fishing rights and interests in the South China Sea, transforming the growth mode of marine fisheries and guarding against typhoons.


Dredging Today Staff, January 3, 2012;

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