USA: La Quinta Channel Dredging Underway

La Quinta Channel Dredging Underway

Work is underway, in support of the La Quinta Trade Gateway, on the La Quinta channel extension. In creation of a 7,300-foot long by 400-foot wide by 41-foot deep channel, crews are dredging 24/7 at a pace of about 8-10,000 yards of material a day.

To date, approximately 300,000 of the 6.6 million yards is dredged.

Dredge material is being reused in the construction of a new beneficial use site. This site will provide errosion protection, habitat creation (seagrass, fisheries, marsh, bird rookery), infrastructure, and human recreation.

La Quinta Channel Dredging Underway.

Also under construction is an ecosystem restoration feature with an offshore rock breakwater, and revetment for shoreline protection at Ingleside On the Bay. This project will protect and enhance 45 acres of existing submerged aquatic vegetation by reducing waves and currents.


Dredging Today Staff, January 25, 2012; Images: pocca

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