The Netherlands: IDRECO Delivers “Waalsprong” to MSB-MNO-Vervat

IDRECO Delivers Waalsprong to MSB-MNO-Vervat

IDRECO delivered end 2011 another dreder to the MSB-MNO-Vervat, Spaansen en de Beijer group.

The dredger called the Waalsprong will be operating in the project Lentse Plassen close to Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

The dredger is a fully electrical driven ISD 350 type. With a 350 underwater pump from IDRECO and one extra booster 350 pump from IDRECO in the back of the ship.

Besides that the dredger has two jetpumps, that can produce 600m3 by 8 bar and/or 300m3 by 16 bar. The maximum distance for the material will be 1400 meter.

The dredger will be fully operational end of january.

From the 1th of january Idreco GmbH is operating from a brand new location in ‘s Heerenberg (The Netherlands). This new location is really close to the German border.


Dredging Today Staff, January 31, 2012; Image: idreco