Australia: Port Phillip Bay Gets Clean Bill of Health

The Office of the Environmental Monitor said that after the massive channel deepening project of 2008-09, Port Phillip had retained high water quality when compared with 10 years ago.

The Office’s Fourth Annual Review of the Channel Deepening Project was released on 2 February 2012.

The review is a stocktake of the Office’s activities, including its findings and advice to project regulators for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2011.

Dredging took place in four areas:

1. The Yarra River and Williamstown Channels (in the Yarra River and Hobsons Bay);

2. The Port Melbourne Channel (in the north of the bay);

3. The South Channel (in the south of the bay); and

4. The Entrance to the bay.


Dredging Today Staff, February 22, 2012